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Aiding our systems to suppress and control dust are detectors that control and monitor wind activity and the amount of dust in the air. They are essential when the system is automated and dust levels need to be lowered.


These detectors consist of several elements that serve to provide precise information on wind and dust trends in the air.

This anemometer is used to monitor wind speed

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To detect the amount of dust, this sensor is used, which detects PM1, 2.5 and PM10 dust concentrations

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To see the displacement and direction of the wind, this direction sensor is used

The data acquired by the various sensors are sent to this data logger, which allows all parameters to be monitored

Finally, everything is connected to an alarm system that acquires, processes and stores anemometric data, generating alarms on relay contacts when 2 settable thresholds are exceeded. The system alerts personnel and puts the nozzles into operation if necessary

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Per facilitare l'utilizzo del sistema tutti i dati vengono gestiti e archiviati da appositi software che permettono il controllo e la gestione da remoto. In questo modo il sistema è connesso ad una rete ed è possibile gestirlo dalla sala di controllo. 

Oppure si possono gestire i dati acquisiti e ricevere notifiche direttamente dal cloud.

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